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Road Accident

Smash & Grabber Arrested After Crashing Car In High Speed Chase

Smash and Grabber arrested on 13th Str corner 5th Str, Albertskroon. From the looks of the suspects face you can tell that he is not remorseful about what he has done here, the criminal activities of these perpetrators of crimes are what drives their lives and the lives of those that they take care of.

Suspects crashed their getaway vehicle, two accomplices managed to flee. No he was left behind to take the fall it will depend on his next moves which will determine if he is going to serve a very long time in prison or if his friends are going to be found, we believe that the police will negotiate with them for reduced sentence if he takes out his accomplices which he is likely to do.

The police are encouraging ordinary members of the public to give any information which might lead to the arrest of suspects, who are involved in criminal activities to come forward and give up their information so that the suspects can be brought to justice.

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Albertskroon Grabber


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