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Road Accident

Taxi Rolls With 13 People Inside, 13 Rushed To Hospital

Umhali river bridge where a Taxi Rolled injuring a lot of people as a result so you can imagine the kind of situation that those people were in, fearing for their own lives and watching the taxi crash and nearly kill them.

It is a miracle that the emergency services were able to come to their assistance very quickly and help them out of that situation before anyone was critical or lost, and that is truly all we can really ask for from the members of the public.

Medics responded to an incident by the Umhali river bridge on the N2, the emergency services were able to help those people to deal with the situation and the situation was serious because there were many people who involved in the accident.

You can just imagine what it takes for the paramedics to be helping everyone while another person screams for help, on arrival of the paramedics it was found that a taxi had rolled, leaving 13 people with injuries ranging from minor to serious.

The medics transported 8 patients to near by facilities for further treatment, from the looks of things they'll be able to recover fully from the injury and they won't really need any kind of special medical intervention because their injuries were not so bad.

The other 5 patients were transported by various other emergency medical services to several hospitals for medical intervention, the driver was questioned about the circumstances that led to the accident because the police are interested in this investigation in order to determine if the driver is the one who is at fault in this case.

The driver looking at a situation where he's probably facing some serious charges from the police because of this accident, especially if it is determined that there was caused by his negligent behaviour.

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