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Breaking News|| cable theft in Phalaborwa

People who regard cable theft as a quick way to make money are thought to commit it. There are also syndicates that work with unscrupulous scrap yard dealers.

Cable theft has occurred in the ba-phalaborwa neighborhood. This has impacted people in Extensions 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8. The supply cables to the extension 7 substation were damaged as a result of the cable theft.

Theft of cables has a significant impact on critical services such as public transportation, energy, telephone, and internet. When railway cables are stolen, trains are delayed or cancelled because the infrastructure is severely harmed.

Illegal power hookups and cable theft cause power outages, which enhance crime when properties are susceptible. Illegal power connections can cause house fires and electrocution deaths.

Theft of electrically charged cables is extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

Cable theft and vandalism occur in our neighborhoods and towns, sometimes by individuals we know. Cable theft not only disrupts the delivery of energy and internet access in homes, but it also has a substantial economic impact.

Criminals steal infrastructure such as copper cables and electrical equipment to make quick money, and each occurrence leaves thousands of homes without power for several hours or days. Businesses who do not have access to generators must close and, unfortunately, lose money because they cannot work during this time.

Cable theft has a wide-ranging impact on the community. The annoyance of power outages, the loss of appliances when there are power surges, loss of revenue, loss of perishable produce, traffic congestion, loss of business/production, loss of communication and business, and so on.

As a result, the only way forward is to look of it as our problem, not the councillors' problem, since if we face reality by calling out our neighbors, children, family, or friends, we may propel as a community.

Unfortunately, our community members are sometimes completely aware of the perpetrators but fail to notify or identify them."

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Breaking News|| Phalaborwa


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