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Road Accident

“SA people stop this madness” Look at what has been found on a door of a car that sparked debate

If there is anything that most South Africans enjoy in this country is alcohol. There is no doubt that millions prioritize it in all aspects. This is concerning, since it is the leading factor of all horrific car accidents that we witness on a daily basis. Amendments are mandatory to help with the significant reduction of these car accidents. It lies on the drivers and passengers to do good on the roads. The lives of those who are on the roads are saved or terminated by their actions. Alcohol and substance abuse are another pandemic in the country. Since we are heading to the festive season, people are called to contain themselves and never be controlled by the festive mood.

There is a vehicle picture posted by Daniel Marvin on twitter. In this picture, there are bottles of alcohol that were put on the door of the vehicle. There are ice cubes added, to show that this was a well planned thing to happen. This is illegal, since the doors of these vehicles were not manufactured to carry ice cubes and bottles of alcohol. It automatically portrays that the driver is drinking while driving. There is no justification to this, and the driver needs to be held accountable for this. Drinking and driving is a form of attempted murder, the people inside the car and those on the road are at a high risk of dying, because of irresponsible drivers.See the source imageSee the source image

This is an addiction on another level. SA people stop this madness” said Daniel Marven, attacking South Africans for their reckless behavior. He is concerned about the addiction that South Africans are subjected to, due to alcohol. People cannot live their normal lives, everything has to revolve around alcohol, they claim to find happiness around alcohol. This has to come to an end.


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