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As Petrol And Daily Blackouts Reaches Heights See Who Is Being Remembered And Missed By Twitter

As South Africans embrace the daily blackouts and the rising petrol prices they remember JZ and have taken to Twitter to say #SorryJacobZuma.

They always say legends are remembered for their good works long after they are gone, though they could not have been praised during their time. Petrol prices and electricity have been causing havoc to the people around the country and it has not been like this during the term of Jacob Zuma, yes he had his flows but essential services were on point. As it is the power cuts are on stage 6 something that we as citizens have never witnessed since the dawn of democracy. Though we know that things are getting worse by day and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter has become a platform where many people express their joys and sorrows. On the same platform, they accused former president Jacob Zuma of corruption and fraud, and this time they are back apologizing for the naughty things they said earlier. The difference between the former and current presidents has been weighed and tested and Ramaphosa has been found wanting. Many miss the term held by Jacob Zuma. He may have misused his powers and dealt with criminals like the Gupta family.

Twitters are now feeling the clinch and are apologizing none stop and this has touched his foundation. Electricity will experience more rolling blackouts and yet it's so expensive to get, and R100 giving far less than the value, and petrol also getting a rise by R2,57 and diesel by R2,37 which is so expensive for car owners. Within a year fuel prices have raised by almost R 10 and the year is still in the Middle. The new prices will hit the floor by Wednesday. The prices hicks have been blamed because of the Russia / Ukraine invasion, and many people are not happy with the current president and want to know what has he done for the country since sitting in the top position.

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