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OPINION: Look at the Zimbabwean police woman who is trending on social media

This women's photo is making rounds on social media, especially Facebook. The surfacing of this photo has made many people jealous, considering the country mentioned.

You know people have a tendency of looking down on Zimbabweans and their country. I guess one Zimbabwean person who has misrepresented his or her people has made people to judge Zimbabweans the same.

They are being painted with the same brush, sow it is it true when they say, "one rotten potato spoils the whole bag. So when one beautiful thing come out of Zimbabwe, it is either, South Africa, Botswana or Namibia claim the glory.

As you can see on the comment section that, there are people that are claiming that they know her from Namibia. Some are saying there is no way in which she can be a Zimbabwean. At the same time, another one posted a picture of a South African police woman to encounter that photo, or for the sake of comparison. This is how pathetic our people are.

They're beautiful people that can be found in Zimbabwe. It's just that the most people that look down on on Zimbabwean, they have never been to Zimbabwe. They don't know that you can find beautiful people and beautiful places in Zimbabwe. You would be even amazed that they are more beautiful people in Zimbabwe than in South Africa.

If you say she is not Zimbabwean, then where she did she get a Zimbabwean uniform? One thing that you must know with Zimbabwe, you cannot wear a uniform that belongs to soldiers or the police, even anything that looks like it. You will be prosecuted for that, if is against the law of Zimbabwe, that you can wear a police uniform or do a design that looks like police or soldiers.

You can't get away with it, they know that it is a very serious crime. So why would she wear Zimbabwean police uniform if she is not a Zimbabwean police? If she's in another country what does she love love about Zimbabwe that she will wear the uniform that look like that one of their police women.

All the reasons that she's not Zimbabwean does not make sense. All the reasons that are brought on the ground are out of jealousy and are made by people that are used to be praised. So when the credit or the glory is not given to them, they feel offended.

Beautiful is beautiful, let us just appreciate that she is beautiful and accept that she is from Zimbabwe as it looks. My sister, you are a good representative of Zimbabwe, it is this kind of pictures that make people look at Zimbabwe with another angle.

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