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Top Story: Look At What Has Taken Place Regarding The High Flying Forex Trader Wanted For Fraud

It is very disturbing how some people can be selfish, make riches out of scamming others. Everyone wants to make it in life, it is only fair for people to work hard in order to get money and afford their desired lifestyle. Such occurrences cause people to think that all forex traders are scammers which is not true. Some people are doing very well through trading and they do not scam others.

The law enforcement officers are looking for a young man( Forex Trader) by the name of Sandile Shezi who scammed a certain man R500 000 after promising him that his money will come back with interests in few months. Now he is nowhere to be found. This is extremely dissatisfying, but the law enforcement officers are also human beings. Hopefully they will be able to use their resources very well in order to find this person. You may find that he traveled out of the country or to his family.

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