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Neighbors fight after their children went to initiation school

Fanafana Mashiloane he is 14 years old he was allegedly taken by two of the boys from the neighborhood to the initiation school without the parents permission, yesterday at about 18:30pm

The incident made the family of the 14 year old boy furious as the mother reported the matter to Mpumalanga traditional contralesa Mr Kgoshi. The families will meet at the tribal Court on Wednesday 06 July 2022.

According to the two neighbors confirmed they know nothing about the boy being sent to the initiation school, he also said that his boys were not home when he came back from school. She wouldn't allow or send anyone's child there, even her own child. the issue was overwhelming to the family of the 14 year old boy as they immediately reported it to the traditional king.

The father of the boy says he will not allow such thing to happen to his son, again he is sick also his beliefs doesn't allow such to happen. The family is still furious about the news that their son went to the initiation school.

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Fanafana Mashiloane


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