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Another key point is burning

Another National Key Point is burning this time is the Waterskloof Airbase in Pretoria and the cause of the fire is not known, we are under terrorist attack and we will notice this later when more damage has already been done, or maybe this is a sign from God, he's trying to tell us something we need to pay attention let's hope that there were no homeless people near the airbase, because they'll will appear in court for terrorism

I wish I have a private jet I was going to take my kids and fly abroad and relocate there peacefully, whatever is coming is very dangerous guys we still going to see more flames and we poor people still going to die for unknown reasons. These are terrorist attacks, the police should release the poor guy who's linked with the burning of the parliament and start serious investigations. Why do I get the feeling that there will be a terror act against South Africa I feel like these are warning signs. And we are not doing anything to respond something big is coming, my blood is not at ease. Obviously they are still going to tell us not to panic country is not on attack, ANC people we are led by self serving people are we still have intelligence in this country I wonder this time which street man is going to be arrested, Ramaphosa wake up please

My own personal thoughts, this country is heading wrong direction the divisions within the ruling party will simple plunge this country into civil war, people I know most celebrated the prisonment of the former President but I don't think it was a good idea for the sake of unity. He still enjoy huge support within government departments who are hellbent on subortaging the current government, also the on going factional fight within the ruling party are not helping anyone but destroying every little dignity left within the ruling party

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