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Zimbabwean Suspects Found With Stolen Copper

The incident occurred in the Benoni area, the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department Officers, arrested two suspects and suspected stolen goods, were uncovered. These perpetrators of crimes have been very much active in the area, and this is not even the first time we have seen such a thing.

Just after 7-AM during the crime prevention operation, the eye-hawked Officers approached a suspicious Gold Toyota Fortuner at a filling station. The suspects were acting very much this T-shirt which gave the police the impression that they were very much involved in the criminal activities that were happening in the area, and that is why they moved very quickly in order to apprehend the suspects.

Two male occupants spotted on the Special Utility Vehicle, looked uneasy when the Metro Police vehicle advanced. This is what gave the police officers the impression that these individuals were basically involved in some criminal activities, and they didn't want to get apprehended so they started acting suspicious because they were uneasy and felt very uncomfortable next to the metro police officers.

The motor vehicle was searched, before the 23 and 25-years of age were handcuffed after Officers recovered a large number of copper cables that were found in the boot and rear passenger seats. The country has a serious problem with such individuals who are committing all kinds of heinous criminal activities, because they are disrupting the infrastructure and that is something that cannot be easily excused.

The duo, failed to account for the copper they were in possession of, the suspicious goods were taken to the Benoni police station. The suspects are going to face more criminal activities for their criminal acts, and this is surely going to land them in jail for a very long time the police are not going to let that one slide.

The suspects were charged for being in possession of the suspected stolen goods, and the SUV used in transporting the alleged loot was also impounded and he's probably going to forfeited to the state for being the proceeds of stolen goods.

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