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Stop violence || lady was raped today in the morning

 Government has established the National Council Against Gender Based Violence (NCAGBV) to provide strategic leadership, coordination and management of gender-based violence initiatives in South Africa.

The Council is chaired by the Deputy President and championed by the Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities.

Furthermore, Government has in place legislative provisions that specifically address violence and abuse of women and children.

These include the Prevention of Violence Act, which aims to ensure that violence against women is tackled and stopped; the Protection Against Violence Against Women and Children Act of 1995, and the Gender-Based Violence and Discrimination Act (GBD Act) which protects women, children and gender minorities.

In order to protect women from sexual abuse and violence, the South African Police Service is authorised to enforce the provisions of the law against all forms of domestic violence.

National legislation and policies ensure comprehensive legal protection for women through the establishment of legal support services, legal aid and legal assistance, education, training and awareness-raising programmes.

Education and training courses are also provided for the training of first-line and non-governmental organisations, particularly for service providers. Additionally, domestic and sexual violence is also addressed in the Public Protection Act.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Health is mandated with addressing this problem. Government also has a commitment to fight against domestic abuse. There is a National Programme on Domestic Violence against Women.

This programme was launched in 2001 and it has received funding from the Government of South

Africa for five years. Domestic violence programmes include training on the prevention of violence; awareness raising for domestic women abuse; victim support; legal and social support. A public awareness campaign, 'I AM A WOMAN' was also launched with the aim of raising awareness on how to handle domestic issues.

Finally, government has also created a programme on women's sexual health which, in turn, is implemented by the Department of Women's, Child and Family Affairs. The Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme was established in 2008 and has taken on responsibility for the development of a sexual and reproductive health policy.

Other Government initiatives include an awareness programme to tackle domestic sexual harassment; a training programme for health care professionals.

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