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My Aunt lived with a decomposed body for over a year, she denied keeping my grandma a secret from us


Families have different views when it come to handling situations. A lady revealed that her Aunt named Pretty Harris kept the body of her deceased grandmother inside the house for a period of 1year plus. She explained that she has no mental issues at all, what people do not know is that she has always been a bitter person.

" She kept my grandma inside the house until she passed, instead if telling us about her". My Aunt decided to bury her inside the house on the same bed she slept on. This come after she was discovered after a period of 1year. We found her body decomposed we could tell what happened or what she used to keep her body from rotting. All we remember is her telling us that she couldn't take her to hospital.

Although we sent her money to care for our Gogo my Aunt never bothered she said. Growing up she would dish for herself alone in the house forgetting his own mother and I. Fact that the court is postponed for April 22 for her to be admitted for mental issues is a total waste, granddaughter explains.

Grace revealed that her Aunt would beat her own mother, and fail to care for her. When going on funerals that concern their family she would hide her from the rest. As though there is something with Gogo, the day she was found inside the house dead. Aunt was nowhere to be found she couldn't answer her calls until she got arrested by the police after the body was found inside the house.

Residents were left out of words after finding out that old MaGogo they always thought was out of town. Is actually buried inside her own house by one of her children. Pretty Harris is currently being held at the New Castle Prison in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Below are the comments people shared on social media after watching the video. Some believe that lady kept Gogo a secret to keep receiving her grant money which might be the case. DO NOT FORGET TO LIKE SHARE AND FOLLOW FOR MORE CONTENT.

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