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OPINION| The Zimbabwean Teacher Was Pushed by the Toothache to Violently Attack the Pupil

Teacher Chingwaru has been found GUILTY. He appealed for a lighter sentence saying he was emotionally stressed when he committed the offence. He said he was struggling with a toothache, which caused him emotional stress ~ ZIMFILES

Why positive discipline, teachers and parents don't want to shout or hit kids. "We do it because we're stressed and don't see another way,” 

The evidence is clear: shouting and hitting simply do not work and can do more harm than good in the long run. Repeated shouting and hitting can even adversely impact a child’s entire life. The continued “toxic stress” it creates can lead to a host of negative outcomes like higher chances of school dropout, depression, drug use, suicide and heart disease. parents we often focus on our children’s bad behaviour and call it out. Children may read this as a way to get your attention, perpetuating poor conduct rather than putting a stop to it

Children thrive on praise. It makes them feel loved and special. “Watch out for when they're doing something good and praise them, even if that thing is just playing for five minutes with their sibling, so parents and teacher's spend half time with kids they should communicate on the children's behavior both at home and school. It helps to identify if its peer pressures or age behaviours

Okay the teacher found guilty and to be sentenced he will not repeat that again any time soon one problem solved. What about the deviant leaner how is that obnoxious behaviour that drives a teacher to be that angry going to be solved. With this what message have we sent to the learners out there, just thinking. He was a bit barbaric but he deserves some leniency from the court considering that he is also a parent, the child cld hv done something that infuriated him, he just failed to subdue his wrath but he still qualifies for a non custodial sentence 

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