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BuyaMthetho Is Cleaning Up Alex|| See What They Are Doing Now

What is currently happening in the province of Gauteng is what the people have been waiting for all along. The laws of the city should be enforced and those who feel like they will not be able to abide by the rules, are free the leave. We have seen that many people have been raising awareness of the kind of lawlessness happening in this country and it is only a matter of time before the people take the law into their own hands, as we have seen with what happened at Krugersdorp after those 8 young girls were raped by illegal miners.

We have seen that metro police have been all out ensuring that they clean the city of Johannesburg and they have managed to do that. Streets that are known to be occupied by illegal traders have been cleared of these people. Now it is like a ghost town on some of those streets. As they were bush in Johannesburg, now they have moved to Alexandra which is one of the townships that has a high number of illegal foreigners who are committing crimes all over. These people have taken over the township.

BuyaMtheto is now shutting down Alex. South African communities will be clean again. Metro police are all over Alex and it can be seen to be clean, and that is what they should be doing all the time to ensure that illegal traders can not get access to the cities and communities in this country. Now Alex looks like a ghost town as well because we have seen this first with the small street in Johannesburg. If this can be done daily, then South Africa will be free of illegal foreigners and this is a clear indication that it can be done. This just requires people who are committed to serving the people of this country.

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