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Watch : This Is The Current Situation In Soshanguve

Eish Soshanguve Next to Extension 6, It has also been revealed that the stand is a changing spot for the Rosslyn Taxis.

Pretoria, Soshanguve has done it again, this is not the first time we have seen an incident where people have allegedly built on illegally procured Land where they're not supposed to.

They have effectively fallen victim to the fraudsters who sell them stands which are illegal, many of these incidences are happening around the country and they include a lot of court processes that take a long time to get solved because many people’s lives are affected by such demolitions - a lot of consideration has to be made to understand the extent of the impact of destroying people's homes.

Building Houses on a non approved land has such consequences and it is unfortunate that some people lose a lot in terms of money and assets to such activities because unfortunately they cannot help themselves but the law is the law, however it is not an easy process to evict people from their place unless there is a clear infringement on the rights of other people and that is the reason there are many people in this situation.

Who ever sold these people the land must be found and arrested, the fruasters probably made off with +R500,000. There are many individuals who claim to be owners of land around the country and they are selling this land to the wrong people, members of the public are not suspecting most of the time because they just think that everyone is good and no one has a reason to do any kind of criminal activities.

However there are individuals who are out there for the sole purpose of making a living by doing crime and that is why ordinary people have to be very careful of such people, because they’re always ready and lurking to find people who will fall victim to their tactics.

Now people took loans to build these nice houses, not knowing it’s a land owned by the province.

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