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Theft robbery

People are looking for this man from Tembisa who ran away with R1 400 after they gave him as a loan

This guy is wanted by a girl called Nthaby Maboka she is crying saying this man has run away with her money. Nthaby helps people who need a loan by giving them money and that pay her later. But this man borrowed money from her after that he decided to block her. Sadly the lady didn't have enough information about him because he never came across people who run away with her money. She posted on Facebook asking people to help her to look for this man. She knows that he is from Tembisa but which side with Tembisa she doesn't know.

Well people on Facebook support her and shared her story. Because no one deserves to be robbed, she gave him the money with love through the bank. She didn't take anything from him as the loan sharks do. But still, man found an opportunity to steal from her. People like this lady help needy people who want money before month-end. Sometimes families need urgent money to do something or take someone to the hospital. These people like this lady help people like that but then some just want to scam them.

Those who know him said he always does this. He always takes people's money and runs away, he checks whether you are new to the industry or not. After that, he will borrow money from you and go back home. A lot of UL students know him they said he did this there too. So he went to Tembisa and scammed this girl after he went back to where he comes from. He knows it's wont to be easy for him to be found even though they do he can deny everything because there is not enough proof.

Another guy commented on the comment and said this man did inbox him. The guy said he also borrows people's money but he has terms and conditions. This man sent him a text on Facebook and said he wants to borrow money but after he had the conditions he runs away. The guy was safe because he knows people like this boy they don't want to follow the conditions they have. So this lady was the second person he inboxed only to find out that this girl will believe him and gave him 1400.

People are always told to be careful about the businesses they do. Comment below if you might know this man. Share this article with your friends so that they can be found.

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