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X-Repo: A Lesotho national is exposed for having a South African ID

X-Repo is one of the newest shows on Moja Love that helps people repossess their things. Mr. X is the one who protects and expedites the process and it is often women who come to him. It was no different this time as Ms. Nongoma came to his offices

It was why she exposed about her in-laws however that got tongues wagging.

I often watch this show and feel annoyed at how naive women can be. They buy furniture and expensive items for men they are not married to and are completely exposed for it when they come on. This week, our lovely lady was bold and angry. The difference was that she was actually married.

While on a tirade about how she was being treated by her brother-in-law, she exposed him. She told us all that she was aware he had an identity document that indicates he is South African when he isn't. He was shy to show himself and it was clear why. He didnt bother to correct this statement.

It's so awful that here in South Africa people can easily get important documents while people actually born here struggle to. I think it's a sign of the times and people were not pleased about what was happening. They took to Twitter to air their grievances about South Africa.

Social Media Response

One incensed user wrote, "Immigration matter in SA is here to stay shem . As long as our officials are corrupt, we are still gonna suffer the consequences #XRepo"

While another user wrote, "#XRepo Sis Pink said Fusi made a South African ID as a Lesotho national fraudster from Home Affairs."

A final user wrote, "I feel pain when I heard this guy use South African ID bt he is from Lesotho... There is someone who is using my ID for work. #XRepo"

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Source: XRepo on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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