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Zimbabwe's Drug Abuse Problem

Zimbabwe's Drug problem, has only recently been highlighted. This happened mostly during the first lockdown when everyone could take a step back and analyze things.

Dagga has seemed to be a problem with the youth, together with a drug called mutoriro which is crystal meth.

Maybe people believe that the use of drugs in teenagers in Zimbabwe is a result of the economy.

Many youth have lost their hope because of the crippling economy, leaving many of them jobless and also some dropping out of school.

Dlthe use of drugs also comes as societal pressure, being the pressure to take the drugs or taking them because they make you feel a certain way and you want to relax, sometimes it's also just people experimenting and they get hooked.

The dependency of drugs or addiction to drugs will lead to individuals doing things they would not normally do, including stealing so that they can feed their addiction.

It is important to pay attention and talk to your family members to understand where their headspac is.

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