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Theft robbery

3 Suspects Locked Up After They Did This

The incident occurred in Montclair where police successfully managed to apprehend 3 suspects and recovered one firearm, which is believed to be used by the suspects to perpetrate their robberies.

At approximately 10am on Friday morning, whilst on patrol, our Tactical Response Team received info from an off duty officer, this was due to a suspicious motor vehicle at a high school in the Montclair area.

The Tactical Response team followed up on the tip, and monitored the vehicle and verified it was suspicious, officers called in for assistance from SAPS so that they can be able to handle over the suspects to the police.

The vehicle was stopped at a shopping center, and a search was conducted whereby the police made a shocking discovery. We can rest assured that many criminals are getting arrested as the police intensify efforts, the suspects were found in possession of an unlicensed firearm.

The 3 suspects were arrested and taken to the Montclair Police Station, the investigation is still on going.

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