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Road Accident

A Horrible Accident That Left Many Questions On Our Social Media Today.

This is really painful just seeing your car destroyed like that.

We know that when an individual is traveling they need to be cautious and obey the rules of the road. Accidents have been the reason why many people lose their lives out there and unfortunately some people end up dying and some end up being disabled.

This Accident left a lot of people shocked and a whole range rover vandalized. If there was someone sitting in the left Chai in that car, today they were going to be a history. We were going to be singing a different song today but luckily there was no one.

Many people didn't understand how did this accident happened, well it seems as if the car lost control and bumped onto the boards support leg and as it bends the board fell straight to this car roof at high speed. When an individual buys a car, accidents are the least they expect and some people are even still driving without insurance. When one have an insurance it becomes better because they are then able to claim and get their vehicles fixed.


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