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Video| 4 criminals ran for their lives after Pitbull dog chased them as they attempted housebreaking

A Pitbull dog came to the rescue after four criminals attempted to do a housebreaking.

Well, a video has emerged on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. And the video shows about four suspects jumping a wall to attempt housebreaking, however, the unexpected thing happened when the four criminals encountered a Pitbull dog.

In the video, one guy had already jumped into the house, while three other suspects remained on the top of the wall fence. The one person who was ahead of the other three suspects came back running very fast and that's when the other three suspects who were left behind realized that the guy was being chased by the Pitbull dog.

And the other criminals just joined the other criminal in running away from the dog. In the end of the video, the criminals all managed to run away. However, all the four criminals were able to avoided being caught by the Pitbull dog.

The video has prompted many people to react with mixed reactions

The video goes to show that, sometimes it is extremely important for house owners to consider having a dog(s) as security, given that there is currently an increase in number of criminal activities taking place in recent times.

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