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KZN Flood victims are reported homeless, where did the money go? Mzansi got unanswered questions

09 August 2022


Flood victims were evicted from an illegal occupied hostel. These people were forced to sleep on the street as the other victims refused to open for them at the civil call. These victims were chased out yesterday night as it was reported that there were not supposed to be at the hostel there were were staying at.

More than 300 people which include elderly, women and children were evicted from the transnet building at Monday night. This group of people moved out from the civil hostel and went to stay at the transnet building. They said that these people went to day there so that they put pressure on the government.

The Government promised to build them house but the process was getting delayed. The community decided to stay at the transnet hostel so that the government was going to have pressure and allocate them in to their own house fast.

These people heard to sleep on the street because other flood victims didn't allow them to enter inside. It was their own choice to leave at the first place so now there no longer have a place to stay and must accept that. They heard to sleep on the streets even now they don't know where to go.

picture from @Sowetan

Mzansi have many questions about the Kwazulu Natal government. There are actually wondering where all the millions went too. These people were supposed to have their own shelter now but still they stay at the hostels. The government need to speak up and tell people abouts the updates.

Some people are actually furious about this situation. It is not a good thing that children and elderly people have to sleep on streets in such a cold weather. This is not good while these people received money to build houses for them.

picture from @ Timelive news

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