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56-year-old grandmother was caught in bed having sex' with an 8-year-old boy

In Iringa, Tanzania, an 8-year-old cousin's grandma, 56, was found sleeping with him.

At the age of eight, Desderia Mbelwa, her grandson, who was in the third grade, was coerced into sexual behavior by his grandmother.

On May 8, 2022, she invited the boy into her bedroom and told him to keep his mouth shut till the following day. It is against the law for a woman to use another woman's sex to satisfy her own sexual desires, yet she did so nonetheless.

It didn't go as planned when other family members showed up and observed the elderly woman taking advantage of the youngster's inexperience. The elderly woman was arrested two days after the accident by the police.

For the purpose of proving the crime took place, four witnesses have been lined up by the court. There may be an investigation carried out to see if additional witnesses are required. After all the evidence has been gathered, the case will be decided.

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Desderia Mbelwa Iringa Tanzania


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