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Afterwards, the woman from South Africa notices something odd. This is what she found.

People usually don't look at the till slips when they order food from a fast food place. That the food they get is what they pay for. If you want to see what one South African woman found when she checked her till slip, you can watch a video that was shared on social media. Here are all the facts.

There is a different price.

To watch the video, click the link below. In it, a woman shows us how the prices on her order at Nando's changed.

There is a lot of information in the beginning, like what she bought and how much it cost. But then she shows that the price she paid was a lot higher than that. Because she was charged a lot more than she was charged on the website, then shows us her till slip to prove it. On this page, you can see how much it costs on the website and how much it costs her.

Keep reading to find out what I think and how to keep this from happening to you.

The fact that this happened should be enough to teach South Africans a lesson. We don't know why this happened. Always check your till slip to make sure you don't end up paying more than you thought you would.

It's easier for servers and cashiers to make mistakes when there are a lot of people at restaurants at Christmas time. If you don't check every item, you won't know for sure unless you do it yourself.

Do you agree with this, or have you been in a situation like this? Tell me what you think in the comments below and follow for more lifestyle news as it comes up.

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