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Ramaphosa is blamed for the death of a 32-year-old mother of 6 months and 10 year old kids see why

Source: Newzroom405

Women and children are killed daily by people who claim to love them. And the painful thing about this whole this is our justice system is still failing those women because after reporting this perpetrator they get arrested but days later they walk free. And then they blame women for not reporting if they are abused, and the reason why some of them are scared to report if they are abused is they are scared that the person will come back and kill them.

According to the Source on Twitter: this is what allegedly happened to a 32-year-old woman who was allegedly killed by the father of her child, 32-year-old Nomaphelo Sifuba had her tongue gouged out, right cheek on her face, and throat slit. She also has stab wounds around her thigh and chest.

Her alleged killer attempted to kill her when she was still pregnant earlier this year. They say he was arrested for almost strangling her to death and later released.

Her brother Mbuyiselo Sifuba has just collected her bloodied clothes from the mortuary.

He says her alleged killer - who happens to be the father of her baby, was standing on top of the body when he was called to go assist at the crime scene.

And this made people so angry as they feel that the Justice system failed this woman after releasing this man on bail. And based on one of the comments below Cyril Ramaphosa is blamed for this woman's death why? Because it's alleged that Cyril Ramaphosa once said if someone gets arrested for GBV they will not get bail. But the killer of this 32-year-old woman Nomaphelo Sifuba got And if this man did not get bail like he promised the woman would still be alive those are her words as she comments below.

And someone also thinks that the justice system must be charged for her murder. When will our justice system stick to their promise, because today 6 months old baby Ias just become an orphan after her mother reported a crime, and instead of our justice system doing their job they failed her by letting a perpetrator walk free? Today a family is in mourning, they are mourning the death of a loved one, the death that would have been prevented had our justice system done what they promised.

And some people still think the suspect will still come back years later because that's what our justice system do they arrest someone and years later they release them on parole. How can you release a killer on parole, don't you think he will come back and do it again? People like this belong in jail they are a danger to the community.

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