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Hope finally comes back for the young Boy abandoned by Parents at the age of Three. Read more here.

Hope at final for Kigumo boy deserted by using the usage of mother and father at the age of 3.

Brian Maina, 16, changed into left in the care of his poor fitness grandmother and dropped out of school at Standard five to fend for himself.

In Summary

• Maina, 16, needed to toil to get a few issues to consume.

• His grandmother, who is of unsound thoughts, could not take proper care of him and he needed to rely on villagers and well-wishers for assist.

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The new house was built for Brian Maina at their home in Kiritu village, Kigoma, on Saturday.

The house wherein Brian Maina lived alongside along with his grandmother in Kiritu village, Kigoma.

The past 13 years were now not something however painful memories for Brian Maina after being deserted by his parents at a smooth age.

His mom disappeared from their home at the same time as he have become the most effective three and his father proper away took him to his ill grandmother within the Kiritu region of Kigoma, Murang’a.

Maina, 16, needed to toil to get something to eat. His grandmother, who is of unsound thoughts, could not take proper care of him and he needed to depend upon villagers and well-wishers for help.

The state of affairs turned so dire that he dropped out of faculty at Standard five to fend for himself and help his grandmother. He might traverse Kiritu and Ikumbi villages of Kigumo begging for meals and someplace to sleep.

When he turned 12, he began out doing casual paintings. He may want to pick tea and earn Sh50 an afternoon. He spent it on food. He would possibly select out the most effective five kilogrammes of tea leaves, which attracted Sh10 a kilo.

“Even getting the task turns out to be a tall order thinking about that maximum farmers wouldn’t allow me the artwork of their farms due to the truth I have become only a little one. I had to plead with them to allow me paintings for them just so I may want to purchase some food for me and my grandmother,” Maina said at their home on Saturday.

He stated he even skipped the rite of passage. His agemates underwent the initiation, however, he had no cash to pay the specified charge. He neither had a decent house in which to recover.

Thanks to nicely-wishers, all the struggling will now stop after his plight got here to the attention of former Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau, who's the chairman of Tana and Athi Rivers Development.

Some human beings observed him roaming in the villages and sought to realise why he was now not in school. Residents narrated to them the painful life he became a present technique.

“We visited the boy’s grandmother’s home inside the village and positioned that they've been residing in a ramshackle house. The existence that the boy has persisted in could have been unbearable to many. We knowledgeable Mr Kamau and he undertook the initiative to assist him,” said Bravo Gachwe, one of the properly-wishers.

The former MP has already constructed the boy a -room house and provided it. He has also constructed a restroom. They were exceeded over to him on Saturday.

Gachwe additionally said Kamau, who is eyeing the Murang'a governor seat, will enrol the boy at a vocational education centre simply so he can have a sustainable delivery of livelihood.

“Maina is now a ‘man’ much like his agemates and because of the fact he is inclined to join college, he can be enrolled in a vocational centre to educate as a mechanic. We will help him till he gets a sustainable process,” Gachwe stated.

Maina could not cover his tears of satisfaction. He expressed gratitude to Kamau and the properly-wishers for the noble gesture, pronouncing the help will turn round his existence.

“I am so thankful. I was on the verge of dropping desire in lifestyles but the type gesture by the use of Mr Kamau has revitalised my hopes. I chose my mother will in the future go back and find out me a success man,” he stated.

Villagers additionally hailed the preceding MP and his buddies for supporting the boy.

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