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In Shock || Alleged Reasons Why South Africans Are Not Happy About Foreigners Happiness || See Why



The country has been suffering a lot of wounds at the hands of foreigners as South Africans are put to blame. This is because more people in South Africa are too lazy to do things right and they always blame the government. This is because they don't find it fit to do things for them freely. This becomes most of them don't want to go to school to better themselves as they are too dependent on the government.

This is because the government has been providing grants to the people of South Africa and especially those who are not employed. It is not a secret that the government is doing all it can to ensure that the lives of South Africans are in a good place.

It is very much shocking to believe that 42% of the unemployment rate in the country mostly consists of foreigners who have jobs to feed their families. This is because the reason why people of South Africa are losing their jobs is all because of the pandemic that heavily affected their jobs and the country. This doesn't mean that the pandemic was the reason for people to lose their jobs as foreigners need to be blamed for this unemployment rate.

The president of South Africa will be expected to find ways to deal with the unemployment rate. This is because if he doesn't find ways to deal with this, he will be blamed for all the nonsense he has caused. Even though it can not be proven when can it be solved but a suitable solution needs to go found urgently.

This is because the country will continue to sink as the economic performance of the country is not improving. This is because of the drive of corruption that is used by foreigners and people in government. This is because those people are using their source of power to fund themselves at the expense of South African voters.

What is your intake on this and why?

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