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Limpopo Ladies Taught A Criminal A Lesson He Will Never ForgetvIn Life (see what they did to him)

Quite a number of people say in every wrong that an individual does there shall always be a price to pay, no matter how care you are when doing the wrong, Every dog shall always have its day. According to what happened in Limpopo at Ga-Phiri this morning one can say that this every dog shall have its day saying also occurs to those doing wrongs through various criminal acts as well.

According to my source,

What happened at Limpopo Ga-Phiri this morning was that, A certain guy alleged to be a criminal made his way into somebody's house with the intention to steal but when he realized that there was a person inside the house (a woman). The man then had a quick change of plans and then went for the lady and tried forcing himself onto her but fortunately, The lady managed to scream for help and when he realized that his plan has failed and people are coming for him, he tried to evade the house, but it was too late for that. He was caught trying to run away and this was done to him (see the pics attached below)

Looking at these pics the man is getting some beating from people whom the majority of them are the very same woman who are always pushing the phrase stop women and children abuse, yet they are taking away the guy's rights by brutally beating him like this. As a written and an individual I know very well that okay what he tried to do was wrong but beating him is also wrong and against the law.

Him being beaten like this has caused a stir on social media and left a lot of people with so much to say. Read the screenshots below to see what the majority of people had to say about this incident.

So now with all this being said, what is it that you as an individual have to say about such acts of mob justice? Please leave some comments in the comment section below

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