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Angry Ancestor Keeps Telling His Son To Smoke On Dloz' lami

Cindy Ngubeni from Mamelodi write to Dloz' lami request ling a session to get closure with her father who died mysteriously, it turned out that Mr Victor Ngubeni died on a Monday mor ing while walking from the toilet, he was never sick or anything.

Thembi went to help the family and when she got there, the ancestor refused to enter the house and started revealing that the family has been course and they need to dig up the middle of the gate where there is something that has been buried at the gate, he said he died while he was from toilet and the death was a sudden one.

"My dad was a healthy person on Sunday, on Monday he woke up and went to the toilet, when he was coming back to the hoise, he Collapsed and died," Cindy explain how Mr Victor died.

They ended up deciding to change the location and consulted with their 'Idlozi' from somewhere because refused to get into his yard and revealed that the family is living under a huge course which has been planted at their gate, they need a strong Sangoma to help them get rid of the course and dig up the bottle which is played at their gate.

They went somewhere and the ancestor requested that he needs a cigarette, and the ancestor said he doesn’t want anything to do with the women, and told the son to smoke since he was a heavy smoker himself.

The ancestor also revealed that when they buried him, they didn’t put his shoes on and kept complaining that he is barefooted and other ancestor are laiging at him, they son, Solomon Ngubeni was smoking the ciggarette as the ancestor kept instructing him to.

When arrived at the graveyard, he was complaining that they never take good care of his grave, and people are always walking on top of the his grave since it is not visible enough.

After requesting the clothes, a shirt and pants, the ancestor told Solomon to take the clothes and the shoes, put them on and go out there and look for a job, he will surely get a descent job so that he can be able to take good care of the family.

Do you think Ancestor exjst or do yoh believe in them.


Content created and supplied by: Shonisani_Cliff (via Opera News )

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