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" It's long gone to Zimbabwe". Please help locate this car. Don't be the next victim of circumstance

Since the citizens of South Africa are saying the law enforcement is not doing enough to protect the citizens of the country, these citizens need to mobilize and embark on crime prevention patrols. By patrolling at night in large numbers, the most ruthless criminals will be caught before they can harm innocent people. Their weapons will also be seized.

Community members shouldn't be divided. After all, they will need each in one way or another. If they are not as united as they should be, they will always cry out loud when crime in their areas hits them hard. They need to help the police incarcerate all the crime suspects and report criminal activities they know of.

In connection with crime, someone out there is desperate for help. He is looking for his Ford Ranger Wildtrak that was hijacked on Saturday at Lotus Gardens, PTA and was seen heading to Soshanguve. He will appreciate every information he can get that will help trace the hijacked vehicle.

Be prepared to hand over your car without any quibble even if your car is not insured. But don't do it too hastily - sudden movements can also be dangerous. Lift both your hands up and spread your ten fingers wide apart to show you're not holding anything, which sends a message that you are not a threat to the hijacker(s).

Hijacking is covered under most comprehensive forms of insurance cover. In fact, some insurers even offer additional benefits in the form of counselling and emergency assistance. Make sure to speak to your insurer to ensure that you understand the benefits you're entitled to as part of your insurance policy.

To ensure a seamless and hassle-free claims process, be sure to adhere to all the security requirements as stipulated in your policy. These requirements can differ depending on your insurer. Also, make sure your premiums are paid on time and up to date, as a missed payment could void your cover and leave you vulnerable in the event of a claim.

One of the ways to trace your car after a hijacking is to install a tracking device in it. Immediately after getting hijacked, report the hijacking to the police and get a case number. Note that many insurance companies will charge you more if they know that you live in an area where you are likely to be a victim of crime.

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