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The Same Contractor Who Worked On The R15m Enoch Mgijima Stadium Also Built This R4m Taxi Rank

It is alleged that same contractor who worked on the R15 million Enoch Mgijima sports field also built this R4 million taxi rank in eTsomo, it is clear that the individuals in the private sector as well as in the government are not afraid of the law, because it is clear that they keep doing these irregular tender procurements and they keep getting awarded contracts despite the fact that they do not complete their jobs.

This does not concern the people who are involved in these projects and it's hard to understand how it comes to happen because if you look at how the individuals who are involved in regulating the tenders, you can see that the projects are very comprehensive and huge that they would require the joint efforts of several individuals including government employees so it is clear that these individuals are corroborating or plotting along with the private sector in order to defraud the state.

And they are doing this all the time due to these irregularly awarded tenders, and it has seriously inconvenienced the country. Not only that but the suspect in question was also arrested for stealing bricks, one would think that the government wouldn't be dealing with individuals who have criminal records because the of the lack of integrity and the thing is these individuals cannot be trusted because they have once committed crime.

Many people feel like the government is not supposed to be dealing with these kinds of all individuals, this shows us the fact that these individuals are completely corrupt and the government does not do any kind of background checks on them when the are awarding contracts.

An ANC Municipality in the Eastern Cape, Enoch Mgijima has opened the R15 million Lesseyton Sport field or stadium, it was officially opened with the community in numbers to welcome the facility but many were very disappointed because they heard that the project allegedly cost R15 million.

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