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4 Men Arrested After Being Found With These

As good as having scrapyards could be should one look at it from a view that the act of collecting and selling scrap serves as a job to some unemployed and they get to feed they families with the earnings they accumulate at this scrapyards, Truth is people has started taking advantage of scrapyards misusing them for they own benefits and by the look of things if all that is not addressed as soon as possible a lot people will be without electricity and other essential services

For example, Talking about misusing scrapyards have a look at the pic above to see what has managed to have 4 men in total arrested today

This guys are arrested because they all has been linked to this

Source : Looking at all this copper they have been found with i take it that you can also see that this looks suspiciously stolen i mean were would one get too much quality like that worth in hard copper? They have failed to account for after all. So now with all this being this way what is it that you think could be the solution to this issue of copper thefts as an individual?

Would it be wrong if scrapyards were to be banned or atleast have strict procedures wereby one has to prove the werebouts of whatever he/she is selling? I have have a look at how not getting to this issue has started negatively affecting our lives

Now that we are already here what is it that you think we need so we do not keep going deeper and deeper into this whole situation? Please let us know what you think by simply writing us a comment in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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