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" I don't know any other life than the one I have now"- Zimbabwean lady says as ZEP is set to expire

" I don't know any other life than the one I have now" - Zimbabwea lady says as ZEP is set to expire

ZEP holders in South Africa are having a very hard time as there is only 6 months before they head home as they will no longer be in the country Illegally. 

Many have spoken on how there is nothing for them to do back home as they have started a life this side in South Africa and their children also depend on the ZEP to go to school. A lady by the name of Josphine Dhilwayo shared that she doesn't have any other life than the one one knows now. 

Dhilwayo explained how she first came to South Africa and gave birth to her daughter in South Africa. Now that they will be forced to go home, things may be hard for them. 

The ZEP expiration is unfair and unjust. This is because these people have lived in South Africa for years. They have worked and contributed to the South African economy then and their children also still need to go to school this side as things might get hard in Zimbabwe. 

The government needs to atleast make a provision to give those who have been in the country a permanent residence because these people have documents and they are probably not the ones committing the crimes that they are usually blamed for. South Africans should rather focus on illegal immigrants and leave those who are documented alone. It is better to have documented foreign nationals in the country than chasing documented individuals and leaving those that are not documented in the country.

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