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Gauteng mastermind was shot at in his Ferrari for cheating with another Kingpin

Man gun down in his Ferrari with his friend for taking someone's wife. Gauteng men are dying for cheating with other people wives. His innocent friend die for his friend sin, a rich men was found messing with someone's wife.

Last week was another case where rich forex trader was killed or gun down with someone's wife, rich people should learn to stay away from other people's wives.

On the car 20 bullet holes was found by the Gauteng police, this is not a good solution when you find out that your partner is cheating on you, women should learn to respect their relationship too if they are no longer happy they should leave peacefully because cheating puts people's lives in danger.

There's no one who will understand being cheated on, but never allow anger to drive to hire hitman's to end someone's lives. People die for reasons that are worthless living behind precious life with great opportunities in life when you have money get a wife to marry and settle with her and avoid taking people's out that causes fusion.

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