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Unexpected || Men Caught On Video Stealing At Private School But What They Took Left People Stunned

Date : 08 December 2021

South Africans have been left in disbelief after seeing the video that has been circulating on social media platforms. This is a video of three men who were caught on camera robbing at an unnamed private school in the Johannesburg CBD. On the video three men wearing grey jacket, another one wearing green jacket then the third one wearing a green like hoodie were spotted approaching the reception lady. Before stealing they pretended to be visitors wanting assistance from the reception lady.

After few seconds they started stealing things. On the video people could see these men pointing a gun towards the reception lady and ordering her to move backwards. Meanwhile people thought that they were looking for money they were left in disbelief after seeing things that they stole.They only stole tablet, cellphone and computer then immediately left the building. It was clear from the video that the lady was not harmed. Unfortunately their faces were not visible and it will be hard for the police to get them.

Masses are concerned by the security system of this school because a lot could have happened during this robbery. It is the school's responsibility to ensure the safety of teachers, staff members and children. This left people terrified as they notice that nowadays people can be robbed of many small things. They say it's because the government is not providing jobs for them. Being unemployed also contributes to this as people want to survive. Without any jobs they come up with any plan that will put food on their table. If the government was providing jobs for them we wouldn't be seeing this. They are stealing everything so that they can resell and get money.Follow the link below to watch the video. What is your take on this matter?

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