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IN SHOCK || A Lady Was Painfully Killed And Burnt To Death By Her Partner Because Of This, RIP

Date : 24 May 2022

Cases of gender based violence are on the rise in this country and it has left people living in fear wondering what could happen to their lives. This act of killing has left many women having fears to even come out of their homes as women are now being kidnapped in public places and some end being killed. Women are being targeted the most and it leaves their families heartbroken as all people have wishes of spending more time with their loved ones. After seeing how women are being killed daily, people have spoken and they say that those who get caught doing such a thing should be served with a death penalty.

A thirty five years old woman from Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal was painfully killed by her partner she trusted the most. The way women are being killed by their partners recently has made some women to live in fear when they are around their partners. The woman identified as " Jackie Naidoo" was killed by her partner identified as " Shaun Naicker" after a heated argument that made her partner to lose it and did the unexpected.

It has been reported that the two have been in an abusive relationship where her partner used to painfully attack her in the presence of their children. It is said that she kept on forgiving him with hope that he will be able to change for the better. It's sad to see many women being killed while waiting for their partners to change. After killing her it is reported that the man hid her body under the bed and burnt her apartment with her body inside.That is one of the most heartless acts to be done.

Because of him, her children will grow up without a mother and that is really painful for children to go through.It is said that she had told him to leave her alone as she decided to end the relationship but her partner was surely not ready for that. She had already found someone else who made her happy and treated her the way she had always wanted but her partner decided to end her life. This will forever bring pain to her family for as long as they live. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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