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Please Help Find The Suspect Who Murdered A Man In Front Of Countless Bystanders In KZN

The video footage shows an incident where a man was robbed and killed at night in front of a lot of people, the suspects approached a man as if it was a mere robbery then he just stood as he saw that there was nothing he could do. They immediately grabbed him and started putting him on the floor before the other one began to stab him several times, the other two were just searching the victim when they noticed that that accomplice was killing the victim instead then decided to let go of the robbery.

The man was killed in such a horrific way and the worst was the fact that no one helped him, these criminals were just holding knives not firearms meaning people could have just ganged up on them on time just to save the life of an innocent person and teach criminals a lesson. The problem is that we always choose to turn a blind eye and that is why criminals feel like they can do whatever they like at anytime, we only react when crime hits home but when it's happening to our neighbours we do not even think twice but just pass as if nothing is happening.

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