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Road Accident

Taxi driver assaults traffic officer after insulting him for speeding (Watch)


Road safety in South Africa has become a topic lately. Due to high rate of accident, the department of transportation has been on the run to arrest people who drive without licenses and those who speed on the road.

A video shared early hours of today shows officer being attacked by a taxi driver. After insulting him for speeding and failing to show his driver's license. It is alleged that the driver was speeding without realizing there are traffic officers ahead. As he approached the officer asked for a driver's license which he did not bring out on due since it is expired.

Fight started after the officer called the driver with his mother. Insulting him in front of passengers. Without a warning passengers took a video as they notice that the driver had enough of officers who demanded cold drink he never had. On the video the officer is calling the driver broke men. Claiming he is a poor taxi driver.

The driver insulted the officer back after noticing that his buddies are trying to arrest him.

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