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Ghanaian Man Dies After Video And Pictures Of His Son Becoming Gay In Sweden Surfaced Online.


A man died unexpectedly weeks after receiving pictures and recordings of his son joining the gay scene in Sweden, according to a story by MyNewsGhana.Net

According to the account, the man became sick suddenly after discovering that his son had become a homosexual, and he died a few days later.

Several family members who spoke on the condition of anonymity said their father became ill after discovering of his gay son's sexual orientation, and was regularly seen overseas before his death crying his son's name.

According to the story, the young man's siblings were already aware of their brother's involvement in the crime, but their situation was worse when pictures and video of the young man advocating an LGBTQI community campaign surfaced.

“We were raised in an Islamic environment where such behavior is not accepted,” a family member told MyNewsGhana.Net. “Our brother's participation with the LGBTQI was a shock to us because we were raised in an Islamic home where such behavior is not tolerated.”

What is happening these days is extremely difficult; parents will raise their children in a godly manner, but as they grow up, they will turn to something else; as a parent, you don't have to kill yourself because your child refuses to follow the godly path you have taught them.

As a parent, if your child's behavior changes, all you have to do is pray for the child with good intentions. Many children change their behavior due to bad spirits that have been cast upon them, but if you pray, God will assist you.

The only thing a parent can do for their child is care for them and teach them the right way to live, but if they decide to change, God knows you tried your best.

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