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Theft robbery

These two vehicles managed to pass SA border but got impounded by Zim police for this reason.

Stolen Copper cables from South Africa, managed to pass the South African border gate. Police in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo manage to impound the 2 vehicles and recovered more than two tonnes of copper cables. The driver of one of the vehicles abandoned the vehicle after realising police were pursuing him.

If you have been wondering why people steal copper continue reading.

Scrap worth of copper is generally high and once broken somewhere near a recycler is difficult to distinguish or follow.

Copper is promptly found in structures wiring and cooling blowers. Numerous workplaces and temples are unattended around evening time and off business hours making them obvious objectives.

What is truly sad to me is that somebody will strip a functioning forced air system worth $5000 of parts and work to supplant it to get $50 worth of copper. Similarly tearing out sheetrock walls to get $50 worth of copper causes $5000 in harm to the structure. Such a waste. Causing much more harm to society than the hoodlum at any point will acquire.

Normally the $50 gets them a medication fix, I envision.

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