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Rest in peace Tumi from the River after she was killed by her mother

Its not a secret that Lindiwe and Tumi relationship was quite ups and downs from all the seasons of the River, finally when she made peace with her own mother her father came in to her life to complicate things.

Mohumi held Lindiwe's family to stole diamonds when he held Tumi with a gun, Lindiwe didnt have a choice but to tell Mohumi Tumi is his child. Since then Tumi started to have a relationship with her father in exchange of information he wanted about Lindiwe, Tumi end up confiding to Mohumi that she killed her sister Mbali.

Lindiwe was do devastated when she hear the recording she almost killed Tumi but eventually forgave her however Mohumi didnt stop causing drama between mother and daughter, on friday 5th of February Lindiwe shoot the helicopter that had Tumi inside to safe herself.

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