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Nyaope Boys Found With Guns And Police Uniforms

The south african police services department has been the one of the most victimized of all departments,this department has suffered a great disrespect and humiliation by the criminals who claims to have the rights,south africa was never the same since 1994,things have literally changed for the worst,the crime statistics are appaling and the police are failing to restore law and order in the county's busiest areas like Johannesburg.given the levels of disrespect suffered by the police,It is not surprising that the crime rate is so high in south africa.People are getting away with a very serious crimes like murders and armed robberies.The Nyaope boys were found in possession of the full police uniform,the guns and pepper spray,the whole police uniform in the hands of Nyaope smokers,it is very dissapointing and questionable that who this Nyaope addicts got hold of such items.The social media users can't stop lamenting the levels of disrespect given to the police department,some are of the opinion that the real criminals are using these boys.South africa is one country that has no respect for the law,though reasonable number of citizens are law abiding,they're overwhelmingly living under a very dangerous criminal conditions perpetrated by few individuals.Many south africans don't trust the police anymore,to a point that they no longer reporting the cases.What do you think should be done to revive the trust of the south africans to the police?

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