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Never leave these things outside at night. Here is why.[Opinion]

It's night time and all you thinking about is sleep but never leave these things outside. Leaving these things outside brings misfortune into the home. Here is the list of a few things you should make sure you bring into the home before going to sleep.

1. Clothes on the washing line.

Never leave your clothes on the washing even though they might not be dry. Keep them inside and you will dry them in the morning. From witches to criminals those clothes can be an attraction.

2. Shoes.

Never leave your shoes outside as they might easily be taken away and used in black magic. Even thieves can easily steal the shoes if they are outside.

3. An axe.

It's easy for criminals to break into your home if you leave weapons like these to their disposal. Make sure to put it away after use.

4. Spare keys.

If you like putting spare keys under your door mat you should stop. It easier for thieves to take anything they want without you hearing anything.

5. Bicycles or Scooters

These are very valuable so never leave them outside as it's easy for thieves to steal them.

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