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Nhlanhla says what you think I was saying to Dr Aaron in this picture, see the reactions of SA

The future colliding with the past

What do you think I was saying to the minister of home affairs? 

made him an offer he can't refuse, Is this going to be ignored? People planning to attack & kill South Africans who are just trying to defend their home? What does fight back mean to you? Can you fight back if you're not under attack? You know, some things want you to use your brain and not let other people use it on your behalf. Normalize being an independent thinker, don't just get carried out by the fuzz. The 91 Zims charged with murder, who were thy killing in Johannesburg? What we 59 Zimbabweans planning to do with Explosives? The 211 Zims arrested with dangerous weapons?& the 54 Zims with unlicensed fire arms were planing to do what? The 87 Nigerians & 86 Zims arrested with drugs? 

This was a Pretoria West, they are running that place. When Atteridgeville residents went there to address the matter they were met with rubber bullets by police instructed by General Mthombeni and premier David Makhura defended him. I was leading the protest, I was there. I still say more than people in the open about operation buyelekhaya, we need a skilled hacking group which is going to put the lives zabomakhura same as they are endangering SA lives by allowing nonsense, So all this is you campaigning for future home affairs ministerial position? Never. Home affairs is not just about chasing foreign nationals. 

I heard it as well. They call us SAns lazy, cowards and that we have failed in life, and now we want to take their houses they have built here in South Africa. And they said they will bring guns through our borders and shoot to kill SAns. Lux: Minister deport all the illegal immigrants and tell Cele to fight crime in our communities, then I will go back to being a pilot!

Minister: I am on it Lux, I am just annoyed by Helen Suzman foundation and Numsa at the moment. Correct, wish we had an opportunity to engage our leaders like that,SA would be a better place right now. We don't wish to live in a country like South Africa lux. It's Mbeki your ex-president the genesis of Zimbabwe problems. 


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