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Harmony talks pointless until Phoenix inhabitants concede what they did during the riots

Durban - Although he went through unbelievable injury during the July distress in the Phoenix region, Chris Biyela showed self-control and told the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) that social union can possibly occur when the Indian individuals answerable for the vicious demonstrations conceded to what they did. 

Biyela, witness number 2 at the SAHRC hearing on the July turmoil, gave a realistic record on Tuesday of what he encountered on July 12, 13 and 14. 

In the numerous years prior to the turmoil and fierce uproars followed, relations between the dark and Indian people group of Phoenix seemed, by all accounts, to be genuinely steady, Biyela said, yet the evening of July 12, society got ugly, as he was halted for reasons unknown on Stoneham Road in Phoenix, hauled out of his vehicle, pummeled and called the K-word. 

On Monday night, at around 7.30pm, Biyela said: I was coming back from a center and I encountered a gathering of Indian individuals in various regions. There were two vehicles that were ablaze on the Phoenix parkway. In transit I was halted by a gathering of Indian individuals on Stoneham Road. I was looked brutally and they took my vehicle scratches and began crushing my vehicle and mistreating me out of my vehicle. They said bigoted words and offended me. 

They halted me and came directly to my entryway. They brutally requested that I come out and got the keys and pulled me by my coat. They began opening entryways and looking under the seats. One of them knew me and said I know this person. What's more, that is the means by which I got away.

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