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Mozambique Is A Problem, This Is What The SANDF Discovered At The Border

Tracker officials, working with SAPS and SANDF, recovered 2 Toyota Hilux bakkies on the border with Mozambique.

The 2.8 GD-6 and the 2.4 GD-6 were both stolen in Pretoria Over the Weekend. It was a usual day at the border where the South African National Defence force members were conducting their routine patrols at the border, and they spotted the suspects in 2 vehicles and then they proceeded to try to engage the suspects who were trying to smuggle the vehicles out of the country over the border and the suspects who quickly opened fire towards the SANDF members.

The suspects are believed to be benefiting huge amounts of money from this illegal activity, smuggling operations that are being conducted by these individuals are not only involved in the smuggling of stolen motor vehicles.

They smuggle any kind of contraband and they are really benefiting a lot of money from this type of business, so despite the law enforcers' efforts to curb the crime.

The syndicates have done nothing but grow in numbers because the profit is too good that the arrests mean nothing to these individuals, except the fact that it takes them away from being able to do any more smuggling, so the illegal activity will never stop.

Because there are individuals who are involved in this business, impoverished people are forced to make a living by stealing and smuggling vehicles, so a few years in the jail for such individuals is nothing because they know that they have a very stable job on the outside and it is very profitable.

These operations have been going on for a very long time to an extent where even SANDF members, have been caught working along with the vehicle smugglers to take vehicles out of the country for a few thousands of Rands.

This had shocked members of the public who thought that soldiers were meant to protect the borders, and they completely disregarded that and chose to be embroiled in criminal activities subsequently putting their lives of ordinary members of the public at stake by compromising the safety and security at the border.

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