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Man Battles For His Life After Being Raped By 2 Women, Leaving Him Unconscious.

Police in Zimbabwe have initiated an inquiry into the kidnapping and unconsciousness of a 27-year-old man. The man is struggling for his life at a nearby hospital, according to iharare, after being drugged and raped before being discarded by the sex-hungry ladies. The victim is reportedly being treated at a provincial hospital in Harare, while police continue their search for the criminals.

According to the news agency, authorities confirmed the event, which occurred in a retail center. When the victim was on his way to pick up his wife from her aunt's house, three persons in a car approached him. The two females seated in the front seat of the car astounded the victim. We've all heard stories about women being the perpetrators of crimes, and we've chosen to ignore them. When the man inquired about their destination, the driver explained that she wanted to drop off one of her companions.

When they come into danger, everyone can sense it. The man explains that after only a short distance, he senses danger and begins to fear as they pull over to the side of the gravel road. The man in the seat next to him in the rear grabbed him about the waist with such force that he felt pain. The man could have tried to protect himself to the point where the other lady pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. He was allegedly injected, and as a result, he became unconscious, and he has no memory of what transpired after that. They then alternated jumping on him.

According to reports, the man has yet to regain consciousness, and a clinical examination conducted on him revealed that he had been raped.

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