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Heartbreaking News: " This Is Why You Should Not Buy A House Without The Aid Of Attorneys"

It is very important to consult with a property law attorney's to when buying any kind of property here in South Africa. A very beautiful house in the Ledig village, in Rustenburg, has been trending since the early hours of the morning after the most heartbreaking News were released about it.

A Facebook page that goes by South Africa Daily share pictures of the beautiful hours and disclosed that the house is about to be demolished anytime soon. The reason being that they have built on a land they have no ownership on at all.

However, it is further revealed that the owners of the house have indeed paid for the land, but unfortunately to the wrong owner of the house. With that being said, it is very much clear that they have been conned. And they were warned to not build on the land by the rightful owner, however they persisted.

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