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Something fishy is going on at the Zondo commission see all here.

South Africans were definitely dealt a massive blow on their road to getting justice as it was reported this morning that the Judicial Commission of inquiry into allegations of State Capture offices have been burgled.

The news was reported by the eNCA that on Sarturday last night the offices of Zondo Capture Commission which are situated in Parktown, Johannesburg, were robbed. They reported that computers containing information about the work of the commission were stolen.

An investigation into what was stolen has already been launched and they are looking into finding out what sort of information was stolen during the robbery.

However this recent development does not come as a surprise considering what the Zondo commission is dealing with lately , like the type of people who have their necks on the line. Very powerful people risk loosing a lot if the inquiry continues smoothly as many have been implicated in serious crimes that might land some of them in jail.

So maybe some feel that the ground is starting to fall apart and are doing all they can to ensure that it does not see its end so by stealing the evidence they are saving their own skin.

It did come as a shock to most South Africans and questions over this happened considering that the Zondo commission office carries delicate information hence it should be heavily gaurded. Some South Africans have said that it is definitely those who might find themselves in jail if the Zondo commission goes on. 

What do you think happened at the Zondo commission offices was it just an ordinary robbery or was it politically motivated or it is just one of the party members who is trying to cover his or her tracks and just trying to findout what the Commission has against him or her.

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