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Theft robbery

Robbery syndicate trends in Joburg, see how they now make a fortune

A video was shared by Yusuf Abramjee on the 30th of November 2021 of an incident which happened in the Gauteng Province.

So many people have fallen victim to robbers and cases of thefts if the nature shown in the video are being reported with so much frequency. It has been noted that the thugs who carry out these robberies make a fortune as they are well advanced in their robberies.

Law enforcement agents together with the leaders of this country should devise ways in which they can save the masses from losing their hard earned monies to criminals. Citizens too should be vigilant so that they do not become easy prey.

A CCTV camera footage was recorded at Ormonde in Johannesburg where one resident got robbed. One thug jumped out of a vehicle and walked towards him while making a conversation over the phone. The thug initially got passed him and returned in a rush as he snatched the mobile phone and fled. A getaway vehicle was used by the suspect to flee from the scene. Many residents were left astonished by the movements of the suspect as he showed a high level of tactfulness.

Some users on social media who had watched the video bemoaned the possibility of the suspect withdrawing all the money from the victims bank account as what is being reported across the country. Cases of every penny getting wiped from victims accounts have been reported as these criminals have advanced methods of accessing your bank account once they get hold of your cellphone.

Debit cards have not been spared too as the tap feature is often used to wipe out your monies. It is advisable for one to immediately contact their bank once they lose their cellphones or cards as there are criminals who do not show any mercy on anyone.

You can click this link to watch the full video of the incident.

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